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A little Borra video I made a few months ago, but deleted it due to quality problems. But I’ve decided to re-upload it now because the new Makorra video I was planning to upload weeks ago is taking way too long due to my busy schedule (and lazy-ass personality).

I’m not a Borra shipper, but I liked those scenes of them together in ep 5. I think that once Bolin will grow up, they’ll have a shot at a true love relationship.The song is cute too. It’s one of the songs I chose on the Borra fanmix I made about a year ago. If you’d like to check it out, it’s here: http://rants-and-more.tumblr.com/post/56333525124/now-that-youre-here-borra-fanmix


Performance 2013 | “Do What U Want” With Lady Gaga | The Voice

Full performance plus interview afterwards

shamelessly putting this again for more views…

Here’s my Book 2 Finale video, using the song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.

Here’s my Book 2 Finale Video!

Please watch it & I hope you enjoy! I tried experimenting with more effects than I usually do. The song is a cover of the classic “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde. It fits very well with the finale and the whole season.

Connie Britton, Will Chase

—Ball and Chain

"Ball & Chain" - Connie Britton & Will Chase

Thought some fans of “Nashville” would like to hear this yet-to-be-released track ;)

Makorra Haters

I’m astonished at the level of hate some people have towards Makorra, and noticed how extreme it is during the Book 2 finale. I understand why you don’t believe they should be together, or how they eventually got together, but cheering during their break ups is a bit too much and not funny at all… I’ve never seen a Makorra fan cheer when Bolin got his heart broken during Book 1. And I’ve never seen a Makorra fan laugh when Asami and Mako broke up in the Book 1 finale.

It’s the same attention-seeking people who complain about the romance involving too much during the show. I have to agree with this statement during Book 1. However, Book 2 wasn’t filled with so much romance, considering Mako and Korra were dating during half of the book, and definitely not during the finale - when the romantic plot didn’t take too much time from the main plot, and was even entertaining and moving. The attention most of the fans give to the relationships in the show make it seem like the show is all about it - it’s not. In fact, I’ve seen a couple of reviews during the finale by people who aren’t so involved in the love-triangle, and thought that the romantic part of the finale was actually pretty amusing & enjoyable.

Sawyer7mage, whose videos I used to enjoy, has been nothing but negative during the whole season to Makorra. Also, he keeps feeling bad for Asami, who didn’t get enough hate from the fans as she should have when she made so many moves on Mako days after he broke up with Korra. Of course fans will protect her bad decisions by using her sad back story, and blame it on Mako, who doesn’t have a poor back story at all, right?

You’re allowed to dislike it, but the childish reactions to the break up are so inappropriate and out of line. Enjoy the amazing show instead of focusing on those 2-minute parts of romance in the episodes.

Liz Gillies performed a few days ago at Genghis Cohen, where she sang beautiful new original songs, new & old covers, and even a duet with fellow “Victorious” star - Avan Jogia.

This is my favorite cover she did that night. Zach Sang has mentioned more than once how impressed he was with her rendition of the song. I’ve been eager to hear her sing it ever since, because it’s also one of my favorite songs, and I finally did!

It’s breath-taking, emotional & powerful. Liz’s voice is such an ear-grabber, I’m sure that even if I wouldn’t have seen her on “Victorious”, and only knew of her by one performance, I’d become a fan. Watch this, spread it, let this talented musician get the fame and success she deserves.

I made a Makorra break-up video using Miley Cyrus’ new song “Maybe You’re Right”. The song fits their relationship and break up perfectly, I thought it would have been a crime not to make a video using it.

Please spare 1 minute to at least check it out. I hope you enjoy! If you did, you can click ‘like’ and reblog :)

New Artist Alert: Elise Testone

After her elimination from “American Idol” over a year ago, Elise returns to the music scene with an amazing and emotional new single: “I Will Not Break”. The song is an ear-grabber, as it highlights her signature fast runs.

While the fact that Elise started from “American Idol” is a bit of a ‘setback’, she is no “American Idol” material, she is much more. I watch “American Idol” not in order to vote and see who wins, but to watch and discover new artists whom I’d like to keep track of in the future. Elise Testone is one of them.

If you want some new soulful, singer-songwriter, jazzy, rock music in your music library, Elise is the one you’re looking for. She’s bringing something new and fresh to the current music world. Buy her new single here.

And be sure to look out for her upcoming album “In This Life”, coming soon! More info of Elise at her website elisetestone.com