Haven’t uploaded a song in a while! Here’s one of my favorites from Pixie Lott’s last album.

I know that things are changed forever

When I look into your eyes

Oh, I see now the tears that you cried

Can’t Hold Us Down - A Korrasami Fanmix

A collection of songs that remind me of the perfection that is Korrasami. It goes from sweet love songs, to a sexy mood, to men-hatin’ anthems, and girl power tracks! I hope you enjoy! { LISTEN }

cover art by callmepo.

Hey guys! Check this girl out! Haley Reinhart is one of my favorite artists and she’s back with a brand new funky dance-along single, “Show Me Your Moves!”.

If you can, please share the video and discover more music from her. Her debut album, “Listen Up!”, has been critically acclaimed and is, sadly, very underrated - I’m sure you’ll love it!

Buy the song here.


Really impressed with this new single! Very cool & unique production - much better than “Maps”. Give it a listen!

Hazel eyes, I was so color blind

We were just wasting time

For my whole life we never crossed the line
Only friends in my mind
But now I realize
It was always you